Dating someone with bipolar disorder tips

Hey well not that smart still in high school it's just my mom mentioned something and I realized that is probably going on. my mom follows a lot of forums but doesn't comment cause of bad experiences doing that.

In fact, it makes it worse, because,stigmas grow and spread rapidly, as you can see from this forum.

Believe me - if you stop the pathological lying and fake stories no one will even know you are bipolar.

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Being relaxed, listening and understanding the situation will lead to a resolution of the problem.

They are can be good at helping you with your problems and just know they want to help you as much as you help them-Support each other through both your good and bad times.-All relationships are work, even when someone doesn't have bipolar.

Make sure your partner knows your needs are being meet. It's about talking about what you want and need out of the relationship.7. I would say if you are dating someone with bipolar go and get information from a therapist. They are super helpful and can give you even more tips! I got some tips from her therapist and my girlfriend. I knew this guy who dated a girl with schizophrenia. And they have a better relationship than most people I know.

Being relaxed, listening and understanding the situation will lead to a resolution of the problem. I mean her therapist has treated many people with bipolar and she said that is a common myth of people of bipolar. Did you have a bad experience dating someone with bipolar? I have dated other girls who were just terrible and they didn't have bipolar. I know of people who have good relationships with people with mental illness. Countless therapist have told me that all this dating someone with mental illness is bad is just plain ignorance. He like doesn't live his house and spends months doing nothing. He faces a lot of shit people, its just ignorant people not understanding depression. Lot's of people with mental illness lead normal lives.

Seeking a counselor or attending therapy sessions with your partner can help you understand each other better.other notes they gave me-People with bipolar can be good at understanding others emotions. Peace, Lucas I was wondering how to deal with guys who make shit up about your friends. This is very convenient because at this point we can not ask you questions about him.

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