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With time I could easily identify the author by the letter. I met couples and I was the third wheel at their dates.

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Also I have told her that he really wanted to have family and children and his favorite color was blue.

After that I have checked her profile and found out she would like to spend her first date in a cozy small café drinking cappuccino instead of going to a crowded fancy restaurant.

When I have returned back home I kept thinking what went wrong? They did their best to find some mutual attraction but they were just too different. She said that the man didn’t talk much and looked tired and wasn’t interested in her stories about the hospital but in his letters he always complimented her and asked about her work.

While corresponding they have discussed cute little things but have never talked seriously about life perhaps because instinctively they were afraid not to please each other.

Professional matchmaking service is beyond fashion. Professionalism and high-quality standards were always our key priorities.

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