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Young children are affected the most by divorce or when there is suddenly a new adult in their lives and that is why we must first of all make sure to take care of the needs of our children, particularly young children.

What this means in practical terms is that it’s best not to introduce new partners before the children have had time to process the traumatic situation that a divorce or separation is, even if it happened on ‘good’ terms.

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Don’t feel that you have to tell them the personal details, but let them know your fears, hopes and dreams.

On the other hand, don’t involve them so much that their hearts break more than yours if things don’t work out. My girls said they appreciated the fact that they could ask me about my dates and I would tell them, from beginning to end, what we did and where we went. But when I was asked to reveal some of the things Karen and I talked about, I told them only general topics.

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Phone Home Keep your kids informed, and share your feelings with your children.

There are some really good dating sites for single parents at the moment.

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