Dating question can guy be too nice

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Although these guys have become the laughing stock of the “bad boys” you can be sure that dating them has a lot of advantages. Don’t worry, the nice guy syndrome isn’t something you can catch, but if you are dating a nice guy, you can be sure that he is a catch. They don’t have an agenda and they aren’t trying to play mind games with you just to get you where they want.

Before you say “no” to them, you should know both sides of the story. If you happen to have a friend who pretends to be a nice guy just to reach his goals, you can be sure that he is not a nice guy.

Rather than trying to make an impression, nice guys should work on being desirable instead, to be able to keep their partner’s attention cemented.

While nice guys are fun to date, their erratic niceness often lets their emotions slide.

Truth be told, most women feel a little strange going out with nice guys because they tend to appear too nice for their own good. These men play their games so safely that they forget to include a little danger or excitement that women so adore.

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