Dating photo postcards

Sometimes a photographer might expose a logo onto the image or hand stamp a name to the back of the card. Numbering was an essential way of keeping tract of large inventory.

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Dating Old Photo Postcards In addition to the postcards that everyone sends or collects from vacations, in the early years of the 20th century people often had a photograph taken and put on a postcard.

Fortunately for us the manufactures of the photographic paper for the post card, have information on the back to help date the card. The stamp box gives us the clue to the postcard’s date.

And of course any image that contain a regularly patterned series of dots is not a photograph at all but a ink printed image.

Some halftone cards were printed on high gloss paper to resemble a photograph but their screen patterns will give them away if one is vigilant.

This is a favorite of mine, as it is an outdoor scene.

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