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This makes it clear why they appear so lovely in their dating photos.

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It is really a coincidence what people you will meet at Speed Dating and a past performance is not an indicator of a future one. Then use the arrows to navigate through the pictures. In the larger detail of the photograph, you can find out at which Speed Dating event it was taken.

Technology and social media have created a new era where intimacy can be created and sought through mobile devices and photography.

Just like women find flowers and pearls beautiful and desire them for gifts, it's the same way they use photo symbols to convey their own femininity and creation of desire.

Russian women are known to be among the most beautiful women in the world but still add charm to their sexiness by wearing attires with exclusive designs.

You will be invited to leave the Gallery’s premises and go on a journey with this stranger for 30 mins, sharing cities and perceptions through mobile messaging.

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