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Your week with us in Haiti will not be an isolated experience, but a building of over 16 years of mission teams who have come before you. Visit our website or simply Call our office to sign up today! Using Pay Pal on our website or you can mail your contributions to BEM PO BOX 6060 Wallingford CT 06492. Nearly three weeks ago, when I heard that hurricane Matthew was at the door steps of Les Cayes Haiti, It was one of my most devastated news to date. A friend tagged me in a Facebook message saying something like Haiti will be affected by the storm, he would love to go and help but due to another prescheduled trip he can't go but if anyone willing to help please see Pastor Lubin.

He’s going to accelerate your times and lead you into the life of victory He has for you!

I'm grateful for Ruth Palmer for her hardworking attitude throughout the year to give these precious children great gifts for Christmas.

14 июня 2014 года вышла новость, что в Беларуси, Зимбабве, Камеруне, Кот-д’Ивуаре, Македонии, Монако, Нигерии, Парагвае, Черногории, а также в Молдове началась регистрация в одной из самых известных мировых платежных систем – Pay Pal.

В следующем окне, не вводя никаких данных, выберите нужную страну, как в примере.

Without these two there will be no Christmas activities.

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