Dating of paper

Laid paper has a pattern of parallel lines created by the wires of the mould in its production.Some papers, such as Ingres, have a broad, pronounced surface texture which is clearly visible in the drawing. It's important to choose a scale of texture which is appropriate to your style of drawing - a finer scale texture for smaller work.This type of paper is suitable for sketching with pastel, charcoal and soft pencil.

Papyrus was also used throughout the Mediterranean region and in Kingdom of Kush. Sheets of parchment were folded to form quires from which book-form codices were fashioned.

The Ancient Egyptians used papyrus as a writing material, The earliest archaeological evidence of papyrus was excavated in 20 at Wadi al-Jarf, an ancient Egyptian harbor located on the Red Sea coast. Early Christian writers soon adopted the codex form, and in the Græco-Roman world, it became common to cut sheets from papyrus rolls to form codices.

Unless the papyrus was of perfect quality, the writing surface was irregular, and the range of media that could be used was also limited.

Papyrus was replaced in Europe by the cheaper, locally produced products parchment and vellum, of significantly higher durability in moist climates, though Henri Pirenne's connection of its disappearance with the Muslim conquest of Egypt is contested.

Rough grained paper has a noticeably bumpy surface.

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