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pie charts and bar graphs The study found out that, the practice of urban agriculture in Machakos municipality is prohibited by the Public Health Act cap 242.

the Local Government Act cap 265 and General nuisance by-laws, 1999 amendments.

UA if properly promoted has potential to contribute significantly to the Government's policy of proper urban development.

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The local authority should before hand prepare a local physical development plan and zoning schemes for the periurban area to determine the minimum acceptable land sizes and form the basis for provision of infrastructure.

Integration of agriculture to the urban system arises from its potential in future to feed the municipality and includes sensitization of the local community on the dangers of using raw sewer and industrial effiuent to produce crops, the need to conserve the environmentally fragile areas and employment of an agricultural officer by the local authority to manage farming.

Local authority By-laws usually dating from the colonial times simply forbid any agricultural activity within the boundaries of urban centers.

A large number of urban dwellers continue to practice urban agriculture, contrary to the By-laws, while urban managers and planners quietly ignore the practice.

Local authorities rarely develop infrastructure in the peri-urban areas due to lack of a Local Physical Development Plan that could influence the residents to change the use of land.

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