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Under all the beauty there is often times simply no substance. Women who are more plain tend to value other things and come from families who do as well.

A plain woman may be extremely devoted to her religion, extremely passionate about a political cause etc.

Yet when it came to who he wanted to share his life with, he chose me. Because he truly values the interests that we share, he values that we come from similar backgrounds, and that he can talk to me and feel at ease with me.

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I want you to put aside what the media says on this subject and look realistically at your own life.

The idea that men are only obsessed with looks is simply not true.

Men SAY they want a beauty, but secretly wonder who the “dolled up” woman is trying to impress, and it ruins the chase for them.

More plain women must rely on their virtue, intelligence, and kindness to attract men, and therefore attract men who are looking for wives or serious relationships because those are qualities men want to carry on throughout the generations (yes even more than good genes).

I’m sure all of us know at least one man who fits into this category. Regardless of all the stereotypes out there, men to this day still DO truly care about what is on the inside, and the ones who don’t, you are not likely to be interested in anyway.

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