Dating job hunting

When you get that phone call to confirm a job offer or the, “I had such a good time with you the other night. You realize that all the waiting was worth it, because it worked out.

You are terrified and excited at the same time, and wonder if this is what love feels like.

Delete trashy pictures of yourself; create a Linked In account.

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You focus all your attention on that dream job or guy. You could see yourself vacationing with that person in their cabin up north. You imagine holding a secret santa in the office, or celebrating holidays with your families together. You imagine yourself attending special events together.

You have a great connection and even better chemistry. Right: the right fit, the substantial salary, the coolest company culture in your dream city. You obsessively check your email and stalk social media sites to make sure there are no statuses introducing a new employee to the team or pictures with random girls. You imagine yourself in the office building with a desk overlooking the river. Sure, it’s jumping the gun, but when you really want someone or something, what’s the harm in dreaming about it?

You are about to embark on this journey, about to commit to someone or something for the foreseeable future and you couldn’t be more ecstatic.

As with any relationship, whether professional or casual, there will be small obstacles to overcome.

You have experience from past internships and relationships, but you still feel inexperienced around this new prospect.

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