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There is no background information to set the topic in context, and the topic itself is not clearly stated.The design criteria and key features of the designs are not mentioned, and no structure outline is given.You will need a great speech attention getter which grabs eyeballs and holds the attention of your audience.

By the way, for those of you who are too young (or not worldly wise) to have heard of Adams, he was an environmentalist and photographer, who took brilliant photographs of the Yosemite National Park in America.

You may wonder why, while addressing a batch of graduates from one of the most prestigious journalism colleges in the world, I am reminiscing about my own life.

Follow your dreams, however stupid and impractical, someone else tells you, they are. Channel Dylan Thomas and remember, "Do Not Go Softly Into That Good Night." While it is definitely difficult to introduce oneself, it is no mean job when you have been asked to introduce another person.

For a few weeks after you start your jobs, you will remember my words and fight the corruption of your soul but then you will give in. Speeches about others are always difficult to write, because you have to tread a fine line between praising someone and not sounding sycophantic.

And for the past five years those are the numbers I have been trying to better.

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