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Complimenting a man on his skills or his accomplishments is a better way to compliment him than on his looks. When a guy feels like he’s wanted and needed, that’s a major boost to his insecurities.

Whatever he’s good at, let him know that you see his accomplishment and acknowledge it. If he makes you feel better about yourself, if he makes you feel secure or you just have a great time when he’s around, don’t leave that unspoken. Also, don’t compliment other guys when he’s around, at least at first. Be Positive and Be Diplomatic Stay overwhelmingly positive when you talk about your needs and desires. This is one of the ways relationships often veer out of control, is by one partner unduly criticizing and the other partner reflexively being defensive.

I’m not suggestion you stay with a guy who has raging insecurity or who is insanely jealous.

But no one is perfect and just about any relationship is going to have issues to deal with.

If you do mention it, show respect in how you mention the subject. Don’t Encourage Bad Behavior With all of the above under consideration, remember that you aren’t to blame for his insecurity.

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