Dating indigo people

I never enjoyed school; I felt that everything I was being taught was useless to me and was not for my benefit but somehow the... it got to the point where i couldn't tell my emotions from others anymore and i was depressed... I remember watching her die, which was really heartbreaking for me back then, and now.Vitakenisis is the ability to heal mentally or physically with only the use of your mind. But to my astonishment, I've come across her again, alive and well.

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After meditating for a couple minutes a bright circle appeared in the middle of a very dark sky.

If I had to describe the size of the circle, id say it was about the size of my thumb. shortly after by reading an article about the indigo child!

for last 13 year's or so, I can feel it moving within me especially on my face my jaw. Time is irrelevant i find it to be a system that's really quite malevolent, although its clear to me that it was never meant to be this way for its easy to see that we consider a persons age as a gauge of there experience well what we indigos lack in experience we make up for in...

I heard some words when I go in deep meditation sort of state. who is also an indigo and the most bizzare things happened to us.

I have a presence that most people find intimidating. Growing up I felt bad for these thoughts because I didn't people to think I was self absorbed with myself- I just discovered indigo children like an hour ago and I really resonate with everything I hear voices occasionally at night and... I am also an indigo :) I not to long ago had a dream.

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