Dating in skien

Why meet for a coffee when you can meet at the hill and shred a few laps?For skiers, be it a guy or a girl, going on a ski date is the ultimate test.The conurbation of Porsgrunn/Skien is reckoned by Statistics Norway to be the seventh largest urban area in Norway, straddling an area of three municipalities: Skien municipality (about 62% of the population), Porsgrunn (30%), and Bamble (8%). Skien was historically Norway's most important port town for shipping timber and one of Norway's leading commercial cities with extensive contact with neighbouring countries, particularly Denmark.

Second, conversation is limited to the chairlift, which means there is always a little break between chats.

This is a good thing, because it provides both parties with an opportunity to collect themselves and enjoy a little solitude on each lap.

The number is expected to rise to around 37% by 2030.

African Norwegians make up the single largest ethnic minority.

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