Dating in a digital world

For this year’s annual ‘Singles In America’ study, teamed up with world-renowned biological anthropologist Dr. The findings of the comprehensive study debunk common dating myths and paint a comprehensive picture of dating in the modern age.

"The media portrays long-term love and commitment as being doomed,” says Dr. “Sexting, new attitudes about virginity, the rise of 'friends with benefits,' emerging 'Internet etiquette' and women's rising roles in courtship all presage a dramatically new dating landscape.

But even the bad economy can't kill love." When it comes to dating in a digital world, the ‘Singles In America’ study has this to say: Though they may sound less than ideal, Dr.

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Nevertheless, both sexes believe a relationship can last, and both continue their primordial drive to find and keep love." To find out more about the service which created this report you can read our review.

The first rule of to being a dating detective is gathering information. Facts like full name, date of birth, parents names, place of birth, marital status and history, children, are the parents alive, occupation, home ownership, financial status, can all be gleaned from everyday conversation.

Feel free to date several guys simultaneously, as long as you’re honest with them about that and are guarding your heart while discerning which guy is the best one for you.

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