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Their actions will speak louder than their words in saying “I love you”. Start reassessing your destiny You and your man text all day; talk all night; and, spend lazy Sundays hanging around the house eating pancakes – life is good right now with him. The time it takes for the questions to start popping up – where is this thing going? You answer his question, you ask him questions and at the end of ‘the talk’ you think you are in a good place. You think you are going crazy because you noticed when you are together he is the lovable man you met three months ago; however, when you are apart you don’t hear from him unless he wants to ‘spend time’ (I wouldn’t qualify this as quality time) with you. First, figure out what you actually want and need in a relationship.

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If you are afraid to discuss this with them then it is a clear sign this relationship is abusive and you should make plans to leave as safely as possible.

If you can start a conversation, let them know how the volatility impacts you.

I tell my clients that it is ok to feel bad it is not ok to act bad! If some one is talking to you disrespectfully, you have the right to leave the area and go to a quieter setting. If you are getting hooked, then ask yourself “why” and work on not getting hooked.

Discuss with your partner ways that he or she can let some steam off with out it impacting you. A question to ask yourself is “who does this remind me of” and trust the first answer that pops in.

You have every right to be sad, but there is no way to legislate love when it is no longer there. My message to women in this cycle is that you have other choices than to “deal” with a man that runs hot and cold Mr. He is seen in movies and books and most of the time the outcome becomes Mr. My message to women in this cycle is that you have other choices than to “deal” with a man that runs hot and cold. If you feel like you are “dealing” with something with a guy, then it will be up to you to decide if you want to deal with it.

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