Dating hamza tunisia

There were only three TV stations before the revolution, one state-run; today there are 13. Breakdancing outside his family home, he would be spat at and called a faggot.

He would attend concerts around the turn of the millennium at which the police would try to arrest the rapper who was performing.

"Wolf has come from Casablanca and, like the others, has been rehearsing nine hours a day since arriving. "These boys are so much hungrier than the ones in Britain," Lee Griffiths, one of the British team, says.

"They work so hard and just don't stop." That dedication reflects both the struggles the men have endured for their love of breakdancing, and how much they owe it.

"I saw young people in Libya getting into drugs or fighting, and if I wasn't doing this, I would have gotten pulled into that lifestyle too," he says.

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