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GM cars presented softer, curving lines and a racy look; Ford featured sharp, crisp shapes; Chrysler and American Motors added a bit more sweep and roundness to their cars’ contours. If any new model deserved a “Car of the Year” award it was Ford’s Mustang.

From the day of its off-season introduction on April 17 until year’s end, Ford had turned out 303,275 of those bad boys! Chrysler, which already controlled Simca in France, bought a M minority interest in Rootes Motors, of England, in June.

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Engines got a bit more power, but car warranties went unchanged.

US auto makers offered buyers a choice of 343 new models.

The most important single development in the history of the torque converter.”Cadillac featured a new built-in, combination heating and air conditioning system.

All auto makers continued their long warranty periods, with Chrysler’s 50,000-mile five-year warranty, introduced last year, the most generous offer.

One hand-shifted transmission manufacturers justified the demand on the theory that ‘they make you feel like you are controlling the car.’ Still, Ward’s reported that automatic transmissions were installed on 76.4 % of the 1964 models.

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