Dating ex boyfriend

He's started dating me on a more comfortable level like lunches during the work day, and sent me a request to add me back on Facebook (that took me a while to accept) He knows I'm dating as well, and expresses jealousy when he sees that I'm on a date.

He's making more of an effort to tell me that he misses me and has feelings for me (he was never very good at this when we were an official couple). I've been following your excellent advice and doing my best to appear aloof and play a little hard to get.

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My drop dead date is 7/31 for when I will move on, but he said that he just needs "until August" to try dating, which could mean any time in August.

We have the same time frame in mind and from what it sounds like, the same end result of being together, but I'm still terrified that he will change his mind when August comes.

There sure are a lot of people on this board in the same situation. Well, some time has passed and I've had some good developments.

Overall however I still don't know what will happen.

I've made several statements to him that I am dating other people, and I'm not going to wait around, so he knows time is of the essence.

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