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To Word the answer isn't really important; it can help you enforce either type of spacing you want. Arranging Paragraphs Need to move a few paragraphs around in your document?Word provides a couple of handy shortcuts that make it very easy to move them in any direction you want.If you need to change the locations for a lot of links at once, you can apply the technique outlined in this tip.

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Word does not include a way to do this capitalization automatically (too many grammatical exceptions to make a hard-and-fast rule), but you can create your own macro that will take care of the capitalization for you.

Capitalizing the Word "I" The first-person, singular pronoun "I" should always be capitalized, unless you are exercising poetic license.

If Auto Complete is presenting you with the wrong suggestions, you need the information in this tip.

Changing Many Link Locations Word makes it easy to establish links between documents.

Word may not always make sure it is capitalized, however, as discussed in this tip.

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