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These guys were around when there was shooting, when there was heavy shooting, when there was such a shooting that it seemed there was no chance to survive. Several times I saw Zakharchenko talking to Evgeny Poddubny in a brotherly, familiar way. Russian State Duma lawmaker Leonid Slutsky expressed confidence that more European delegations may follow the French example and visit Crimea peninsula in the future contributing to lifting of “discriminatory” anti-Russia sanctions.

Quite a while later, chuckling — and when Zakharchenko laughs, his face becomes at once open, almost childlike — and so, chuckling, he told how he and Poddubny came under a terrible fire. On Friday, a group of French lawmakers headed by Thierry Mariani, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, started its three-day trip to Crimea, the second visit since last July, reports Sputnik.

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According to the Complex of measures for the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, which was signed by the Contact Group on February 12, 2015, over 100 mm artillery should be withdrawn by the parties from each other by 50 km, MLRS by 70 km.

In accordance with the September supplement, the parties were also to withdraw up to 100 mm artillery, as well as tanks and mortars.

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