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I'm no stranger to the online dating sites, but this site is a total ripoff.Once you find someone you like, and ask them to privately contact you on your own email or phone, they continue to send messages on the website to you.I was also getting suspicious because the FAQ page is very brief and what service you were actually getting wasn't specifically defined.

I have no problem dating men that are 10-12 yrs younger.

What I find suspicious is that I put a age range on my search from 44-55, and I'm getting lots of chat requests from late twenties to early thirties.

The site is based out of Malta in Europe and cannot be trusted.

Do yourself a favor, don't waste your time or money, it's a total tease, and you will wind up broke. You will NOT be able to delete your account or change your email address once you realize what a sham it is.

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