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Spanish women are one of the main characteristics of Spain as they are completely different from the customary European women.

All people living there are associated with corrida and football teams, so their temperament is characterized as passionate, fervid and combative.

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A Latin woman can give you all the attention in the world one second, and take it away the next.

At 10.05 a tickle-tummy session looks on the cards, at 10.06 she’s playing with the curtain pull. They can turn confident chaps with biceps the size of cantaloupes into lip-quivering lisping nincompoops quicker than you can say patatas bravas.

One more thing to be mentioned is their love of cosmetics.

prefer foreign examples and what is very interesting they almost do not use lifting creams because their skin does not undergo the aging process as much as in other nationalities.

The same can be said about , who have strong characters and are very emotional.

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