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would need to get off here and go out though for any chance of that happening i live on here these days - sure its probably very unhealthy the only things i've slept with for years are my dog and my computer (and the computers only recent )so see your not on your own with that and some of us are worse Completely get that - could have written it myself...

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My life was more or less drama from the real/imagined pre-dancing and flirting.

One time I got with a guy who I'd fancied for aages, and was about to give up when he decided just to "give it a go". ) But just wasn't in to me and I got pissed off, called it off (he also had no balls) and subscribed to a well known dating website.

Sorted Completely get that - could have written it myself...

Spent entire life up until couple years ago in immediate succession of unsuitable longish-term relationships, seemed to only go for people with horrific- make-a-documentary-about-it's so-bad backgrounds, every single one of them f**ked up in various way but all to a significant degree...sooooo soooooo funny I'm not saying I'm never ever be in a relationship again but, if I do one day, I'm never going to share a home with them, - - - - perish the thought mine was planned - with a greek fisherman i had met in greece and moved in with after few weeks (that face supposed to say silly cow!!! just came over me all of sudden and then happened before had chance to change my mind !!!!

So I've been on my own with the kids since then and I can honestly say this was the best decision I've ever taken.

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