dating a recent divorcee - Dating an abuse survivor

"She said the offending had touched every aspect of her life, leaving her mentally, emotionally and spiritually damaged.

She was sexually abused by her stepfather, Mihail Bourduk, and she wants you to hear her story.

Bourduk, who lives in Torbay with his second wife, did things to Velas that were described as "repugnant" in court. She battled bulimia for 15 years, the stomach acid from throwing up constantly destroying 17 of her teeth.

"Miss Velas is now in her 30s, so these matters go back now over a period of more than 20 years.

"The jury returned guilty verdicts that the defendant today is adamant as he was during the trial that ...

He told his stepdaughter that sperm was "very good for the skin" and when he got the opportunity, followed her into the bathroom and masturbated in front of her, into a container.

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