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Gotta love ‘Degrassi.’ Now: During her time on ‘Degrassi,’ Mc Donald also starred in the Lifetime movie ‘She’s Too Young,’ playing a promiscuous teen who contracts syphillis.

Since ‘Degrassi,’ Mc Donald has acted sporadically, with occasional roles on ‘Lost Girl’ and ‘Orphan Black.’ She has since become a yoga instructor and has a series of instructional yoga vids on You Tube. ) Mc Donald has also stayed close with her ‘Degrassi’ besties, frequently tweeting them and Instagramming pictures of her and Cassie Steele (Manny). Then: As Emma’s BFF, Cassie Steele’s Manny underwent quite the transformation throughout her time on ‘Degrassi,’ going from an innocent young girl to becoming pregnant with Craig’s baby (and ultimately choosing abortion) to dating Jay and becoming an actress in ‘Degrassi Goes Hollywood.’ And how could we forget the time she flashed Peter’s camera and drunkenly told the world she was going to be famous?

After the shooting, Jimmy was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of the series, dashing his dreams of playing basketball — but opening the door to a career in music.

Now: After leaving ‘Degrassi,’ Graham, who we all know now as Drake, ‘YOLO’-ed his way to the top, becoming an incredibly successful, Grammy Award-winning rapper.

Throughout the show, the Downtown Sasquatch musician dated Ashley, Manny and Ellie, and suffered through bipolar disorder, a cocaine addiction and an abusive father. Now: Apart from appearing in one episode of ‘Being Erica’ in 2009, Goldsbie retired from acting after ‘Degrassi.’ He is, however, very active on Twitter and works as a web editor and writer for The Score.

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