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Despite the fact that Chloe was engaged to Lucas, Daniel had fantasies about making love to Chloe. When Kate broke things off with Daniel, he started pressuring Chloe to break things off with Lucas so that they could be together.At first, she refused, but on the day after her engagement party, Chloe and Daniel made love.Although he knew that her diagnosis was grim, Daniel married Rebecca and was determined to save her.

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Since her death, Daniel traveled the world, not staying in any place for too long. Daniel Jonas, to Salem to help diagnose and treat Bo's mysterious pancreas disease.

Daniel saved Bo's life by performing a live donor transplant.

Gościem specjalnym był wybitny szkoleniowiec służb personelu NATO we Włoszech Rosario Nappi.

Dodatkowo zajęcia poprowadził nasz przyjaciel Prezes COBRA KRAV MAGA Dariusz Gurgul.

In this case, the live donor was Bo's daughter, Chelsea.

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