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This game requires that you open multiple ports (6159-6180, 99) on the router so Internet users can connect. You can also select from a list of popular games, and many of the remaining configuration values will be filled in accordingly.However, you should check whether the port values have changed since this list was created, and you must fill in the IP address field.

By default, the router automatically determines whether the underlying connection is an x DSL/Frame-relay network or some other connection type (such as cable modem or Ethernet), and it displays the result as This option is enabled by default so that your router will automatically determine which programs should have network priority.

For best performance, use the Automatic Classification option to automatically set the priority for your applications.

I moved the selection tab to WPA2 only and keep the rest the same and no luck.

The Virtual Server option gives Internet users access to services on your LAN.

Requests may be redirected to the "Forbidden" page if web access for the LAN machine is restricted by an Access Control Rule.

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