Cyndi wang and mike he dating

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Rainie has total 3 (and now 4) confirmed relationship for the past years.

First, it's xiao Gui, 2nd-Roy Qiu, 3rd-Yuan Jun Hao (a guy that acted a really small role in Devil Beside You; they were dating after the drama, so all the Mike Hex Rainie rumours were all false)--she dated this guy for awhile but has to break up cuz his family want them to get married, and she was only 22 years old that time.

He later starred in another series with her as a lead in Love Contract. In October 2006, he signed up to start another TV series also with Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang, Why Why Love (換換愛). In 2009, Mike co-starred in a Taiwanese TV series Calling For Love (呼叫大名星) with Hong Kong actress/singer Charlene Choi.

In 2005, he starred in two TV series, Express Boy with Xu Wei Lun and Devil Beside You (as Jiang Meng"Ahmon") opposite Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang. He was a judge in the Miss Gabby Lee 2007 beauty pageant for the Miss Photogenic award. It was directed by Lin He Long who has already worked with Mike in Devil Beside You, Why Why Love and Infernal Lover.

Par amour pour son fiancé Han Yi Feng, elle décide de quitter sa carrière afin de l'aider à ouvrir une boulangerie. SYNOPSIS Spark Li est un homme beau, charmant et talentueux.

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