Cuckold dating stories

I still get a jealous feeling sometimes but that jealously is really the most tender pain any man can feel.

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Cuckold dating stories

As we sat in the SUV waiting for the rain to subside she said that the night reminded her of one she had while out on a date with one of her online lovers that she failed to tell me - the event, not the date.

(She knows what her telling stories does to me:-) ) When she and her date left the little club where they had been dancing and drinking the rain was pouring.

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This site is a guide for those navigating the increasingly popular activity of wives who have sex with men other than their husbands, with the husband's knowledge and permission or aquiessence.

Whatever the reasons, and whatever the variation of a married woman dating other men, this lifestyle is often called "cuckolding."There are many sites discussing cuckolding, but my husband and I could not find any sites that deal with the process couples go through as they discuss and decide whether the woman should experience other men and what the husband's role should be. If you want to understand more about the emotional side of cuckolding and its many variations, please consider contributing your personal experience so we all can learn from each other about the pitfalls and problems as well as the pleasures of this lifestyle. Jack from Bristol My friend at work told me this:'My wife stayed late at work one night several weeks ago and then went to dinner with a co-worker.

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