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The show is based on Terry Goodkind’s Hulu: Legend of the Seeker is filmed in New Zealand, but you’re from Australia. I’m completely isolated from my friend and family and just don’t have the time to go back.

I work so late, it’s hard to get the last flight on a Friday night, and it’s just not worth flying for one night. In terms of culture, there are a lot of similarities between Australia and New Zealand.

Every day, I’m like “Glen, teach me, teach me, teach me.” If this show only lasts for two or three seasons, I want to have absorbed as much of his kung fu knowledge as I can. You’ve got heaps of space and it’s a very heavily outdoors-oriented kind of culture. You get home and you go straight out on the street, where the kids in the neighborhood play soccer and run around. That was kind of easy coming into this physically demanding role. I don’t know how long they’re going to keep this Richard and Kahlan thing going in Season 2. They want to be together, but they really can’t, and they’re not supposed to.

You have an athletic background and it says you enjoy playing soccer and kayaking. So it was a combination of that and having a dad who was always willing to play cricket with me and my mates after school, or just getting out and throwing tennis balls, it doesn’t matter. I just had to make a few adjustments of learning how to swing this way, and swing that sword that way. How long can they fight it, and what are they willing to sacrifice? This nice little gentleman pops out of a massage parlor yesterday and says to me “Are you the Seeker? As a kid, you dream that when you grow up, someone will come up to you and say “Are you Batman?

And it sends all that negative energy, those electrons that just have nowhere to go, so the muscle just starts pulsing… I’ve been in the acting industry for nine years now and I’m glad because it takes about that time to really be able to go “Hey, put me as number one on the call sheet; I’m ready.” Certain people have different challenges at different times and yeah, someone’s first job might make them number one, and they might own it. I think I was ready to take on that kind of role now, bringing that know-how to the show, being a leader. I exercise as much as I can and eat right, go to the gym and all that, run.

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