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In this case, you could consolidate any loans that do not qualify for loan forgiveness, but leave the ones that do qualify out of the consolidation.

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(The chart below gives you an idea of your approximate payment.) For borrowers who will make a career out of military service, Income-driven repayment plans provide another major benefit— you may be eligible for loan forgiveness after 10 years of reduced monthly payments.

If you think you will spend a decade or more in the military, it is important to enter into an income-driven repayment plan as soon as possible; each qualifying monthly payment gets you closer to Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

They can be made by a bank, a credit union, a state student loan agency or a college or university.

They may have names like “alternative” or “institutional” loans.

This benefit applies to both your federal and private (non-federal) student loans and is available for all active-duty servicemembers, regardless of where you serve.

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