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Perhaps it is calculating the time incorrectly because of that.

computer keeps updating wrong time-84

Hi @pmbiesiada, although your answer did not solve my problem, it is the only constructive answer posted here.

At least you read the question, unlike other answerers. Thanks for the help (Attached the solution to question)Thank you.

However there is a common cause of exactly these symptoms in dual boot Windows/Linux systems: the two OS treat the CMOS clock differently and fight over setting the clock the way they want (Linux to UTC doing daylight savings etc in software, Windows to local time so the software and hardware clocks are the same).

This has a simple solution: tell one of them to use the other's default behaviour.

Event properties screenshot: Details page from same event: Screenshot and the details kind of implies that, windows is really thinking that this is the correct time and feel the need to update it.

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