Christian dating for uk nikyah azan kzdatingprofile “Marriage Preparation” courses are also available for those contemplating marriage.

Courses are usually of six days’ duration; and a donation is suggested, to cover the cost of accommodation and meals. However donations are always very welcome to cover our high overheads.

They may decide from a number of courses running at the centre: “Healing in Marriage”, “Growing Together”, “Second Honeymoon”, or “Mini” courses.

We believe that if BOTH spouses are willing to co-operate, we can help them re-build or enrich their relationship and fulfill God’s plan for their marriage, here at the Oasis of Peace.

Counselling then enables the couple to see their marriage and their difficulties in the light of the teachings, preparing them for healing prayer and enrichment.

Video presentations and liturgy enhance and add variety to the week.

The teachings cover all aspects of marriage: physical, psychological and spiritual.

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