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A glance here, a foot tap there, a flick of the hair, a tensing of the shoulders.

Every movement tells a story and romance offers the richest vocabulary.

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Your counsellor will encourage you to investigate the role religion plays in your relationship. It is possible to accept and embrace your partner's beliefs while staying true to your own.

Variety is the spice of life, and as long as you respect one another's decisions, the odd disagreement shouldn't stand in the way of happiness.

Language barriers Language is an important part of communication, but it is not actually necessary.

Thousands of unspoken messages pass between people whenever they meet.

(For example: Your may not be sure why we have to sit down on the floor for thirty seconds before we get on a plane, but you love that we do.)You face the stereotypes about each other head on, so you can defy them together, joke about them together and even playfully toss them at each other (but only with each other -- outsiders are not welcome to poke fun, sorry).

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