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However with Russia’s extreme interference in Ukraine, I believe we must pursue another route for peace in space and ZPE on Earth.

Then today, in addition to the Fed's custody data, we also got the latest monthly Treasury International Capital data, which showed that the troubling trend presented last one month ago, has accelerated.

Recall that a month ago, we reported that in the latest 12 months we have observed a not so stealthy, in fact quite massive $343 billion in Treasury selling by foreign central banks in the period July 2015- July 2016, something truly unprecedented in size and scope.

In the case of KSA, they are under a cash crunch and need to cash in some of there savings to meet their budget demands.

I am sure there are also lots of EU people looking to get capital out of the EU due to Negative Interest rates and the threat of banker bailins. Ireland 3rd, Cayman Islands 4th Standard Disclaimer: This is a bit too easy at times.

Anyway, this news are not good news for America at all, because it tell us that offshore dollars are being used to purchase resources rather than it being lent to America. Also, when the dollars loses control over the oil prices, it will trigger the panic that will lead to the crash that many here keep predicting for the wrong reasons, in my opinion.

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