Carbon dating the borax lake site

Sandstones are composed of sand grains, a mud or clay matrix, and a crystalline cement produced during diagenesis.

Similarly carbonate rocks are composed of allochemical grains (grains produced by precipitation somewhere else and transported, usually short distances, to the depositional site), mud matrix, consisting of fine-grained carbonate minerals, and a crystalline cement of calcite (or dolomite) precipitated during diagenesis.

Dolostones are almost entirely composed of euhedral and subhedral rhombs of dolomite.

Although dolostones contain allochems, like limestones, the allochems are generally recrystallized to dolomite, and rhombs of dolomite can be seen to cut across the boundaries of allochemical particles.

The couple led a quiet existence similar to other 19th century homesteaders who had settled throughout the American frontier.

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