Bro code for dating age

[Read: When a woman is crying – The gentleman’s dos and don’ts] #20 A bro shall not apply sunscreen to another bro.#21 A bro must never reveal how many women another bro has slept with.

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Brohood is a kind of bond that explains how bros get away with trading insults as a form of a greeting, get along despite all the dangerous and embarrassing pranks they pull on each other, and how they still share a beer and laugh immediately after a fist fight. A bro is many things, but a bro is not an ordinary guy friend.

Bros do a lot of things for and with their bros: good, bad, funny, or stupid.

Some call it “bromance” or “bro-hood,” but only men understand the bond they share with their other Y-chromosomed brethren.

It’s not the kind of relationship they have with girls or even with their own biological brother, but that unspoken and “no homo” kind of love between “bros.” Is it really a surprise there are bro code rules only guys know?

#42 A bro of a bro is my bro—bros don’t get “bad vibes” with their kind like women do. #54 If bros share a house or an apartment, you are obligated to stay away when a bro brings a date home. [Read: The bond between wingmen and lead players] #59 Bros don’t share drinks or feed another bro with his own spoon. Regardless, breaking the bro code rules doesn’t make you less of a bro if you’re true to your guy friends.

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