Britt ekland rod stewart dating

She was beautiful, brave and cursed with a sexually suggestive name: Honey Ryder.

I am not a sheep, I have my own mind I have had enough of being told what and how to think Whilst we are still allowed the remnants of free speech, I will speak out.

I also reserve the right to discuss less controversial matters should I feel the urge.

If you want to split up with your own Britt Ekland, then fine, tell her and get ready to run.

As Rod Stewart apocryphally said when he split up with Britt Ekland, "Show me a beautiful woman and I'll show you a man who is tired of sleeping with her." And this was in the Seventies, even, when Britt Ekland was still the perfect woman and hadn't started to look like Aslan at all, and Rod Stewart, even more remarkably, already totally looked like Rod Stewart.

Where you truly have a problem, though, is when it is. You wake up one morning, she looks like Philip Green. She'll have gone off it, too, weeks earlier, and will be glad of the company.

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