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“You hear the name, Ivanka, and you expect fur, leather, but she’s really poised, elegant, down to earth,” Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, told Town & Country of Trump’s daughter.

Ivanka certainly has a better command of the English language than her father and is possessed of the social grace that he lacks.

It’s not who he is,” she said in an interview with CBS.

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The date was tentatively set for some time after January in New York or D.

C., the highest bid was nearly $73,000, and there were still four days to go before it ended: an auction for coffee with Ivanka Trump, the president-elect’s poised, pretty daughter—the clear favorite of his five children—and unofficial political adviser.

In the early days of her father’s campaign, Ivanka’s tweets and Instagrams featuring her children or promoting her brand were easier to swallow.

Now, her platitudes about feminism and motherhood seem ever more disingenuous.

But there’s no question that the word “poised” would likely not be applied to Ivanka as much as it has been if she weren’t physically beautiful.

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