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She then continued to co-ordinate with Jack on his investigation to stop the Sentox nerve gas.

She also phoned Kim Bauer to come to CTU to reunite with her estranged father, a reunion that didn't end in the best of terms, after the Sentox attack of CTU.

Audrey was in a catatonic state as of Day 6, but eventually recovered and remarried, serving in the presidential administration of her father and her new husband, White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau.

During Day 9, while trying to help her father avert a war with China, Audrey was shot dead by an assassin on the orders of Cheng Zhi. House Armed Services Committee, and was a registered lobbyist.

Audrey was called in again to CTU as a DOD liaison to co-ordinate an investigation after the assassinations of David Palmer, Michelle Dessler, and the attempted assassination of Tony Almeida.

She was shocked to learn that the culprit was Jack, who she assumed was killed.

She later learned that Paul came to Los Angeles to see her, but was told by Jack that Paul may have ties with the terrorists.

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