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The zombie comedy has a lively cast led by Aubrey Plaza and Dane De Haan, with comic talents Anna Kendrick, Molly Shannon, John C.Reilly, Matthew Gray Gubler, Cheryl Hines and Paul Reiser offering zany support., by the way), and thanks to his whip-smart social-media presence, he has garnered a good 678,000 Twitter followers and a dedicated group of fans who belong to "Gublernation." With three movies coming out in 2014 alone, his year is set to be incredibly huge.

With all comedy, you try to ground it in credibility and reality. So I just went off of that and created a very serious character in a very bizarre world. It's sort of a sad film, but for him it's very happy. " And he's like, "There's dead people here, I have to kill them.

There's nothing funny to Kyle Orfman about his actions, and that's probably why they're funny. I talked with Jeff Baena, the director and writer, at great length, and his take on the character was that this guy does not see grey. And I think because he only sees black and white, the idea of zombies - which by nature are sort of grey, cuz they're not dead, they're not alive, they're in this weird intermediate world - are the most confusing and frightening thing in the world to him. He gets to join the resistance and play with guns and run around; it's really a dream come true for Kyle. They're monsters." Your TV gig must not give you a lot of free time.

Rather than highlighting the zombies’ flesh-eating qualities, the film focuses on the love story between Plaza and De Haan—after what is kindly described as his dead girlfriend’s “resurrection,” he remains determined to see past her indiscretions.

(Plus, she’s really horny.) We caught up with Baena and some of his delighted cast at Sundance, where they shared secrets from the set, including Baena’s highbrow inspiration, Plaza’s character April on “Parks and Recreation” ("I know her inside and out"), Shannon’s overachievement, and Gubler’s complete inability to do impressions.

But, they had something else in mind: Aubrey and Matthew wanted to answer our questions, but only as the other person. I’ve always had an interior burning confidence, though. ”Gubler (as Plaza): “Well, I get how to really be a mover and a shaker.”Plaza (as Gubler): “What’s the biggest thing you’ve shook?

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