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Still, the full-beam glare goes to Ron and Tammy 2, the ultimate addictive-but-bad-for-you hookup.

Even Paul Schneider gets some material for once, as he attempts to propose live on air to Rashida Jones‘ Ann.

The show was about to evolve: Schneider would leave two episodes later, and in the very next one, Rob Lowe and Adam Scott joined the cast, helping the show reach its perfect form.

Enter Tammy 2, played by Offerman’s real-life main squeeze Megan Mullally (their genuine chemistry and comedic synergy is palpable) as Ron’s psychotic horndog librarian ex-wife, whom we’d already encountered in Season 2 but who gets her greatest moment here.

Mullally, best known as the best thing in "Will & Grace," doesn’t actually have that much screen time (though her intro, as she seductively slaps a strip of beef jerky against her face, is one for the ages), but the effect of her is everywhere, as Ron is sucked into her orbit (and other parts) again.

‘Parks’ did weddings better than most (Leslie and Ben’s in season 5 was great, and this season’s "Donna & Joe" equally so), but its finest matrimonial moment was a stealth one, going mostly unheralded in advance, and at a decidedly odd time in the relationship being celebrated.

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