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He thrives on thrilling his audience, but after winning yet another competition, worries that he can no longer surprise his fans. Plisetsky, who is playfully rebranded as Yurio to avoid confusion, is a 15-year-old skating prodigy preparing to enter the senior circuit.

Victor had promised to choreograph a program for Yurio’s senior debut, and so Yurio tracks him down in Japan to see that he pays his dues. Honestly, Yurio is kind of a jerk, but he has his reasons.

So I briefly mentioned Victor Nikiforov already, but let’s talk about him a little more.

Victor is a Russian figure skater widely regarded as the top skater in the world. By moving to Japan to train Yuri, however, he’s abandoning another Yuri — Yuri Plisetsky — a fellow Russian skater.

I guess I figured someone went up there and grabbed it? Mutating first on internet forums, the sentiment trickled into the real world through newspapers, magazines, mixtapes, merch — and from my personal experience at a fratty...

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