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Oooh, that was some serious hype in the media which spread all across the entertainment sector like a wildfire. Meet Mike Wickham, the boyfriend who turned into a spouse, is the Director of Baseball Operations at Miami Marlins LLC. So yes, before Miami Marlins LLC, Mike was a Director of Minor League Operations.Rumors even proclaimed that Heidi was the reason for Jason’s divorce to his wife for 8 years, but later it all was sorted out. So, the couple tied their wedding knot on December 31, 2015, on New Year’s night.

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It’s that a relationship between a team reporter and someone from the Boston Red Sox organization is being alleged, .

Because this isn’t the first, or second, or even third time an incident like this has been speculated on — and at least one of those turned out to be true.

Now that he is engaged to his girlfriend, check out our post on Jason Varitek’s fiance.

You might remember that rumor about Heidi Watney and Jason Varitek having an affair while Heidi used to Cover The Red Sox For NESN. We are so sorry for those guys who had a crush on her Alright then, ready to meet that one lucky guy who got be called Heidi’s husband?

No word on how many Fitzy’s, Sully’s or Murph’s came knocking on her Spring Training door. Miss California Finalist in 2000, Semi-finalist in 2001, First Runner-up in 2002, Third Runner-up in 2003.

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