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Swami Ramswarup: Such sthapana etc., is not mentioned in Vedas please.

Naveen: You have mentioned 21 herbs for havan to get best results.

Atharvaveda mantra 19/43/1 also throws light on the pious word DEEKSHA as under----- DEEKSHA = to observe Vedic rules, Brahmacharya, good education. God please take ME TO THE PIOUS Place Where Yogi, who has realized God and knows Vedas philosophy, resides, adopting DEEKSHA (as stated above) and TAPSA SAH = along with Tap, i.e., study of Vedas, control on five perceptions, five sense organs, and mind.

Idea---- if an aspirant will reach the Above quoted place of a Yogi/brahamgyani, definitely he will realize God and get salvation.

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