An altar beyond olympus for a deity predating zeus

of the immortals who have always been, who were born of Ge [Gaia] and starry Ouranos and of dark Night—the gods who were nurtured by the salty Pontos.

Tell how the gods and the earth were generated at the very beginning, and the rivers and the boundless , seething with waves, 110 and the shining stars and the vast sky above.

For quickly having produced a stock of white iron, she forged a large sickle, and gave the word to her children and said encouragingly, though troubled in her heart: “Children of me and of a father madly violent, if you 165 would obey me, we shall avenge the baneful injury of your father; for he was the first that devised acts of indignity.” So spoke she, but fear seized on them all, nor did any of them speak; till, having gathered courage, great and wily Kronos addressed his dear mother thus in reply: 170 “Mother, this deed at any rate I will undertake and accomplish, since for our father, of-detested-name, I care not, for he was the first that devised acts of indignity.” Thus spoke he, and huge Earth rejoiced much at heart, and hid and planted him in ambush: in his hand she placed 175 a sickle with jagged teeth, and suggested to him all the stratagem.

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And Earth bore first like to herself in size starry Sky, that he might shelter her around on all sides, that so she might be ever a secure seat for the blessed gods; and she brought forth vast mountains, lovely haunts of deities, 130 the Nymphs who dwell along the woodland hills.

She too bore also the barren Sea, rushing with swollen stream, the Pontos, I mean, without delightsome love; but afterward, having bedded with Sky, she bore deep-eddying Okeanos, Koios and Kreios, Hyperion and Iapetos, 135 Thea and Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, and Phoebe with golden coronet, and lovely Tethys.

They have a ] and accustomed ways of all the immortals, as they send forth a lovely voice.

Anyway, back then, they went to Olympus, glorying in their beautiful voice with immortal song.

Castration of Ouranos Now monstrous strength is powerful, joined with vast size.

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