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And he’s definitely not going to let his friends go on holiday to Italy without him.

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“It sounds so easy, but it's actually a huge challenge." According to Müller, people naturally realize that they have to save for later in life.

After all, that’s the message they’re constantly drip-fed by politicians and the media.

17th February 2017, 0 comments German insurance giant Allianz said Friday it aims to boost profits this year in the face of expected political and economic risks, after reporting strong results for 2016.

The group had faced a "difficult environment" last year, chief executive Oliver Baete told a Munich press conference, with "market volatility, political volatility, Brexit, the elections in the US, the referendum in Italy.""All of that left its mark on us," he said, pointing as well to low interest rates that have burdened banks and insurers' traditional business.

Young adults are often unable to judge the scale of the problem, he suspects.

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