Alexei yagudin dating

Pairs and ice dance partners are also commonly shipped together.The most popular skaters in 1990s figure skating fanfiction were 2002 Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin and his chief rivals Evgeni Plushenko and Timothy Goebel. Figure skating fanfiction survived on fan-run collections like Private Ice, personal sites, and forums.

Both English-language and Russian-language figure skating communities thrived on Live Journal (which was particularly popular in Russia and eventually purchased by a Russian media company), but there was little overlap between them.

Notable communities include ice_slash (English) and ice_fiction (Russian), which both focused on slash.

Hanyu's friendship with his training partner Javier Fernandez is currently the most-written pairing in AO3's figure skating RPF section.

Fanfiction about new ice dance champs Meryl Davis and Charlie White was also very popular.

ontd_skating, a spinoff community of the popular Oh No They Didn't celebrity gossip community, was created in response to the overwhelming interest in figure skating in ONTD's Olympic watch posts.

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